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Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHPHE in short) is a Sino-German joint venture, specialized in design, manufacturing, installation and service of plate heat exchanger and other complete plant.

With advanced engineering and manufacturing technology, comprehensive heat exchanger expertise and rich service experiences, SHPHE dedicates to supply quality plate heat exchangers to various clients worldwide in oil and gas, marine, HVAC, chemical, food and pharmacy, power plant, bio-energy, metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing, paper & pulp, steel, etc. 

SHPHE has over thirty different invention, patents and copyrights. Engineers and technicians accounts for 40% of total employee. It has advanced technology in thermal sizing, engineering and simulation. Facilities such as 60MN/200MN high precision press, 2mx15m automatic electric resistant /arc welding machine, automatic multi-spot welding machine, TIG welding machine ensure the hardware capability for manufacturing different plate heat exchangers.

Detail Information
  • Management from BASF visited SHPHE

    Senior Manager QA/QC, Welding Engineering Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer from BASF (Germany) visited SHPHE in Oct.,2017.

  • Company annual physical examination

    To protect the health of employees, the company recently arranged an annual health examination. The physical examination by the Shanghai workers sanatorium on-site service, physical examination items include electrocardiogram, blood, urine, X-ray examination, tumor marker screening.

  • Shanghai Heat Transfer for the tenth anniversary celebration

    On December 31, 2016, Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 10th anniversary celebrations on the theme of "Ten Years of Hardworking and Creating Success" at Jinshan District Cultural Center.

  • Two welded heat exchangers leave

    Recently, I Division for the largest incinerator supporting large-scale flue gas heat exchanger smoothly factory. The owner factory inspection is very satisfied, the next set will be completed next month factory.